SR 100 - RS485 Fingerprint + Card Slave Reader

SR 100 - RS485 Fingerprint + Card Slave Reader

The SR100FP is a slave reader which can be paired with either an AC2100 or AC2100H biometric terminal. The SR 100FP has a built in RFID (125KHz) or 13,56MHz proximity card reader. The SR 100FP connects to a dedicated port on the ViRDI Biometric Terminal via RS-485 Secure Transmission Protocol and receives 5V electrical supply from the same port on the ViRDI Biometric terminal. The SR100FP requires the ViRDI Biometrics terminals’ intelligence as it is a “dumb” device with no on-board intelligence or memory.


  • Patented ViRDI Biometric scanner
  • Live / Fake Fingerprint Detection
  • 125KHz RFID Reader – EM4100
  • Tri Colour LED & Buzzer
  • Fingerprint Verification or Identification is managed by on-board memory of ViRDI Biometric Terminal
  • Makes provision for local Anti-Passback
  • Transaction time is lengthened due to no on-board memory

Optional Extras

  • ACC260 Small Vertical Robust Enclosure
Model SR – 100FP
Type Biometric
Live / Fake Finger Detection Yes
Memory Users N/A
Templates N/A
Transaction Log N/A
Photo Log N/A
Communication To Management Software No
Other No
Optional:- Wireless No
To 3rd Party Devices Wiegand No
RS 232 No
From 3rd Party Devices Wiegand No
Display N/A
Size N/A
Backlight No
Built-in Camera No
Card Reader RFID, 125KHz – EM 4100 Yes
HID 26bit, 34bit No
Mifare No
Mifare Template Stored on a Card N/A
Key Pad No
Motion Sensor No
Auto Scan Yes
Door Phone Interface No
Function Keys No
Sensor Type Optical
Sensing Area 13 x 15mm
Resolution 500 dpi
Verification 1:1 <1sec
Identification 1:N <1sec
Dimension (W) x (H) x (D) in mm 55.5 x 111 x 40.5