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Access Control

Access Control is defined as the ability to Control and Report on “Who – Where – When”


In today’s challenging environments it is essential to have an Access Control Solution to provide a safe and secure environment for your employees, customers and assets.


The ViRDI Access Control Solution comprises of a range of Intelligent Terminals / Controllers and Management Software addressing the requirements of large, medium and small enterprises.

Software Key Features

  • Client / Server Application (Multiple User)

  • On-Line Realtime

  • Time Zones

  • Access Areas

  • Access Groups

  • Anti-Pass-Back

  • Visitor Management

  • Blacklisting

  • Alarm Monitoring

  • Automatic Email Alerts

  • E-Maps

Software Options

  • In/Out Board

  • Time and Attendance

  • Meal Management

  • CCTV Integration

  • Tail Gate Detection

Terminal Key Features

  • On Board Intelligence (High Speed Processors)

  • User Profiles and Rules Stored in Terminal Memory (and on Server)

  • Transactions Stored in Terminal Memory (and on Server)

  • Push Communications (TCP/IP)
    On Board I/O

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