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ViRDI offers solutions for Access Control, Time & Attendance, Fingerprint Scanning and more!

ViRDI is the internationally recognised market leading biometric technology brand, manufactured in South Korea by UNIONCOMMUNITY Co., Ltd.


ViRDI is renowned for pioneering patented core technology, such as the Fingerprint Template Creation and Matching Algorithms, Optical Sensor, Live & Fake Finger Algorithm + Electronic Detection as well as complete Terminal Design and Production.

The ViRDI Product and Solution Portfolio encompasses:


  • Fingerprint & RFID Access & Time Control Terminals

  • USB Fingerprint Scanners

  • Access Control Door Controllers

  • Access Control Command and Control Software

  • Time & Attendance Software

  • Meal Management Software

  • Tailgate Detection Technology

  • Identity Management Technology and Solutions

  • PC Security Technology

  • OEM Fingerprint Sensors


ViRDI OEM Sensors, Terminals and Solutions are installed on thousands of sites in Africa, the products have proven themselves over the last 10 years, both from a robustness perspective as well performance. The products are very successful in harsh environments such as agriculture, construction and mining.


Our distributors and installation partners regularly comment on positive experiences encountered in the field, especially when they are able to enroll users who are not able to be enrolled on fingerprint technology produced by other vendors.


All ViRDI products are Protection of Personal Information Bill 2009 (Republic of South Africa) compliant. ViRDI Terminals converts the image of the Fingerprint into an encoded binary code and discards the actual image.

PIV Devices are exempt as it is utilised in Governmental or encoded environments.

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