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ViRDI’s Competitive Advantages


1) Live and Fake Fingerprint Detection Technology

Four separate technologies and methods are employed to ensure the Terminals do not scan and identify fake fingerprints made of paper, plastic, rubber, silicon, gelatin etc.


2) Fingerprint Algorithm

Internationally and independently recognised by FVC On-going as having one

of the most reliable algorithms, which ensures system integrity and an

exceptionally high enrolment rate.

3) Automatic Finger Scan

Detects the presence of a “Live” finger on the scanner and starts the scanning process automatically with the result that the scanning process is quick and power is saved.

4) Patented Search Algorithm

Incredibly fast and accurate template matching algorithm will complete a 1:1 match in less than 0.5 of a second, and a 1:N match for up to 10,000 users in less than 1 second. (Device dependent)

5) Registration & Authentication levels set by User

Each User can be enrolled and thereafter verified using custom registration and verification levels which can be individually adjusted to compensate for difficult to read fingerprints.

6) Similar Fingerprint Check & Number of Enrolled fingers set by User


Each user can have between 1 and 10 fingerprint templates stored on the biometric terminal. Additionally

the application database can accommodate the enrolment of up to 10 fingers and can be set to check for

similar fingerprints in the database.

7) Transaction Methods set by User

Each User can have their transaction methods individually assigned, i.e. Finger only, Pin + Finger, Card or Finger, Card + Finger etc. There are 10 combinations.

8) Templates Stored in device memory and/or on the UNIS Server

Improve performance and reduce housekeeping by identifying local users on the terminal and verify visitors and global Users on the server.

9) Push Technology

Terminals “Push” their transactions to the Server in real-time, multi tasking allows Users to transact during template updates.

10) On Board Intelligence

Intelligent terminals process instructions without the presence of a server.

11) Optical Sensor (Patented)






12) Interfaces

TCP/IP terminal communications, Customisable Wiegand IN & OUT (26bit, 34bit and Custom), RS 232(for Meal Management), RS 485 Secure Transmission Protocol and RFID / Smart card reader interface, NO/NC relay and managed I/O ports.

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