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Integrated CCTV


UNIS is ViRDI’s Access Control, Template & Terminal Management Command and Control Interface. UNIS utilises either the native Access Database for smaller user groups and SQL or Oracle for larger user groups.

There is no limit to the amount of users. UNIS manages the Database for all users and Terminals as well as enforcing all Access Control Rules. Up to ten fingerprints per user can be stored in the Database which negates buddy-clocking or false employees / users. UNIS features a full Access Control functionality as well as Blacklist User Management, Visitor Management and Real Time Monitoring of the Access Control System. A full audit trail is incorporated with a customisable reporting structure. UNIS is also the base for UNI-Work and UNI-Meal.


  • Automatic detect & recording of Analog & HDSDI Hybrid video signal (Patent)

  • HDMI & VGA & HD Spot

  • Text insert (POS/ATM Interface)

  • IP Camera Recording

  • Expendable storage via e-SATA connect

  • Mobile Apps : iPhone, Android, iPad

  • Hard Disk Drive Health Check

  • HDD Mirroring

  • Dual Codec for video transmission

  • Individual Channel setup for Network

Technical Specification​:



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