The ViRDI BLC 015 is a single door controller that makes the installation of ViRDI Terminals secure whilst catering to the power requirements of the installations. It utilises ViRDI’s RS-485 Secure Transmission Protocol but also can accommodate 34bit Wiegand devices. It has the capability to charge a 12V back-up battery by increasing the voltage from 12V to 13.8V and has drop-out protection.


  • Secure RS485 Lock Control and Battery Charger
  • RS-485 Communication
  • Wiegand 34 bit Communication
  • 1 x 5A Relay for lock control, battery charge circuit (12V - 13,8V)
  • lock override/exit sensor control. Drop out protection
  • Can power 2 x ViRDI Terminals and 1 x Lock
  • Excludes 12V 7A/h battery and ViRDI PSU (ACC150)


Two Variants Available:


  • BLC015-K1 - Single Door Controller (PCB only - excludes enclosure and PSU)
  • BLC015-K2 - Single Door Controller in IP53 rated PVC box with Virdi PSU and battery leads (Battery not included)

BLC 015 Battery Lock Controllers

    • Powers 2 x ViRDI devices and 12V Lock
    • RS-485 Secure Transmission Protocol Input
    • 34bit Wiegand Input
    • Battery Output
    • Lock Control
    • I/O Trigger (NO/NC)
    • Exit Button Input