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A selection of Enclosures & Brackets are available. Models include:


  • ACC 200: Vertical Mounting Bracket with Side Panel, 316 S/S for AC2x00


  • ACC 202: Vandal Resistent Enclosure, 316 S/S for AC2x00 Series


  • ACC 210: Vertical Robust Enclosure, 316 S/S, shroud, for AC5000P


  • ACC 240: Vandal Resistant Enclosure / Prison Enclosure for AC5000P, 316 S/S


  • ACC290: Angled Wall-Mount Bracket for Ubio-Tab5 for semi-permanent deployment


  • ACC400: Portable Kit For AC 5000P Terminals


  • ACC410: Portable Kit For AC2X00 Series Terminals Requires VACC411 PSU/Interface pack


  • ACC411: Power Supply, Network Interface pack for ACC410 Portable Kit

Enclosures & Brackets

R1 031,00Price
  • Features:


    • 316 Stainless Steel
    • Space for cabling and TCP/IP connecter
    • For use with AC2000, AC2100Plus and AC2200 ViRDI Biometric Terminals
    • Provides protective cover
    • Does not add to Ingress Protection of Terminals
    • Tamper Resistant Screws
    • Not supplied with anchor screws

    Technical Specification:



    • 1mm 316 Stainless Steel
    • (H) 189 x (W) 62 x (D) 75 mm
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