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The FOH 02 is a USB fingerprint and RF card scanner designed to be used as an Enrolment Station, for Custom PC Security Applications and / or Virtual Clocking Terminal. It has Virdi’s patented biometric scanner with live + fake finger detection and is available with an option of a EM4100 125KHz RFID (FOH02RF) or 13.65 MHz Mifare Card Reader (FOH02SC). Variants include:


  • FOH 02 RF: USB Take-On Reader for ViRDI UNIS, RFID Reader on Board to issue 125KHz EM4100 RFID Cards.


  • FOH 02 SC: USB Take-On Reader for ViRDI UNIS, Contacless MiFare/SC Reader on Board to issue 13,56MHz SC Cards.

FOH 02 USB Fingerprint & RF Card Scanners

R5 817,00Price
    • USB Take-On Reader
    • RFID / SC Reader on-board
    • Live and Fake Fingerprint Detection
    • SDK available for custom PC Security Applications
    • Acts as Fingerprint scanner with V-Terminal
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