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ViRDI Power Supplies include:


  • ACC 150: ViRDI Switch Mode PSU for use with BLC015, 12V 2.5A


  • ACC 400: Portable Kit For AC 5000 P Terminals


  • BLC 015: Battery, Lock Controller with Battery Back-Up, Uses ViRDI PSU (ACC150), RS-485 Communication, Wiegand 34 bit Communication, 1 x 5A Relay for lock control, battery charge circuit (12V - 13,8V), lock override/exit sensor control. Drop out protection, Can power 2 x ViRDI Terminals and 1 x Lock, Includes VIRDI PSU in Box, exludes 12V battery


  • ACC 410: Portable Kit For AC 2X00 Series Terminals (Under Development)


  • ACC411: Power Supply, Network Interface pack for ACC410 Portable Kit

Power Supplies

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