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Controlling Visitor Access to your residential estate, industrial complex or office building is essential to ensure a safe and secure living / working environment. Visitor Register makes it faster and more secure for the security on site to manage vehicles and pedestrians entering and exiting the site.


Visitor Register Manager Cloud Service:


  • Generate invitations using any Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC.
  • Fully integrated with ViRDI UNIS Access Control Platform.
  • Invite ”Trusted Guests” by email / SMS. The Guests enter the site via a PIN or QR Code. 
  • Invite “Contractors” by email (QR Code). Contractors need to report to Security, who will scan the QR code invitation followed by the Drivers/Vehicle License using a dedicated Smartphone with the Visitor Register Guard App.
  • Invitations can be valid from 1 to any number of days, limited to the Cloud Service Maximum Days setting.
  • Invitations are added to your Outlook or Gmail Calendar
  • Receive an automatic email when a Guest arrives or departs


Visitor Register Guard APP:


  • Scan SA Drivers License, National ID and Vehicle License Disks.
  • Scan QR Codes and Barcodes.
  • Ensure Drivers and Vehicle Licenses are valid.
  • Blacklist unwanted visitors.
  • Guard can only trigger the barrier via the APP after the successful scanning of the Drivers and/or Vehicle Licenses. (Prevents the guard manually overriding the system)
  • Record number and compare number of passengers on Entry / Exit.
  • Flexible configuration options are designed to give each site the degree of control they want.




  • Visitor Register Cloud Service: Hosted Visitor Register Application, connects to local UNIS Server, provides Web based service to allow residents to invite guests and contractors.
  • PIN Keypad: Weatherproof Stainless Steel Keypad – Guests enter their PIN’s on this keypad.
  • QR Code Reader: QR Code Scanner, with Optional Stainless Steel Weatherproof Enclosure – Guests scan their QR Code invitations on this device.
  • Visitor Register Guard App: Smartphone App used by Security to scan QR Codes, Drivers / Vehicle Licenses and Passports.
  • Bluetooth Relay: Bluetooth Relay, allows the Visitor Register Guard App to open the Barrier / Door once the Visitor details have been scanned and validated.
  • Network Router: Network Router, incorporates WiFi, Ethernet & 3G/4G – Required for Visitor Register Guard App. 
  • QR Code Printer: QR Code Receipt Printer, used to issue PIN / QR Code to Contractor.

Time Register

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